2007 Rock Skipping Contest


The Fourth Annual Orne’s Candy Store International Rock Skipping Contest, held on July 7, 2007, was the biggest success yet. Skippers totaled 133, across the five divisions – 47 men, 20 women, 25 boys in the 12 and under category and nine girls 12 and under. The fifth category was new. The “skip by proxy” category – a new category this year for those people “from away,” or those who would just “be away” – allowed seven people to compete without even showing up.

While it’s difficult to count a crowd of people who gathered to watch, encourage, wonder “what the heck?” or were just passing by, the Orne’s Candy Store official counter decided that number was over 300. It was his call, and we honor that.

Winning in the men’s category with 22 skips was Rob Whitten, better known as “Skip A Long.” Sarah “She Throws Like A Girl” Branch took home the women’s trophy with 14 successful skips. Taylor Herold – who wore “Rock Candy” as her nickname – took home the girls’ trophy with seven skips. Winning the boys’ category with 10 skips was Chase “Ray” Morean. In the proxy category, it was last year’s champ – Alex “Skip Master” Mackey, who won with 14 skips; he was throwing for Frank San Giorgi.

All winners received the now-coveted, handmade (by Arthur Webster) rock/wood trophies, a pound of Rocky Road Fudge from Orne’s Candy Store, and – along with all contestants – rock candy on a stick.

A review of some of the nicknames (required to enter the contest) shows that entrants take time to come up with these clever monikers: Barock Obama; Rupert Murdrock; Rocksanna; The Gravioli, Gael Force (who was in town from Ireland); Mr. Gneiss (an annual entry), Rock-e-Balboa and Dice-K-Matzurocka.

Each year people come up with costumes that allow them to stand out, and the “stand-out” this year was the man from Ocean Point in a large red tutu and hat who cart-wheeled his way out of the water.

Judges Arthur Webster and Bob Paskal returned once again to stand and count.

Finally, throughout all the fun, it was never forgotten that the goal of this event is to raise funds for the Boothbay Region Food Pantry. Contestants – and even some who were just bystanders – contributed a total of $550, which was presented to the Food Pantry by the Orne’s Candy Store owners.

Sarah “She Throws Like A Girl” Branch, Chase “Ray” Morean, Rob “Skip A Long” Whitten, Taylor “Rock Candy” Herold

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