2008 Rock Skipping Contest


It can get boring stating that each year’s Orne’s Candy Store International Rock Skipping contest is a “banner year,” but it’s always true. The event seems to attract more “skippers,” with more families and friends cheering them on…and more spectators as well.

Numbers this year show that 124 people signed up to skip, and – from our viewpoint – the crowds surrounding the “playing field” and on the footbridge seemed larger than ever. Possibly several hundred – give or take a few. It was another nice day for this “on the rocks” event, and several family groups “suited up” for it with special t-shirts, all in different colors. The competition is getting lively.

Three people from one of those families took home a majority of the prizes this year. They were members of the Linekin Bay Resort family in their matching black t-shirts. Morgan “The Destroyer” Brann (age 9), was the winner in the girls’ division with 15 skips; Alex “Skip Masta” McKay (age 15), won the men’s division with 22 skips, and Sarah “She Throws Like a Girl,” Branch (age 34), who won the women’s division with 13 skips. The winner of the boys’ division was Michael “Perch Island Skipper 2,” Guertler, (age 7) with 11 skips; his family is one of the new special t-shirt ensembles. Both Alex McKay and Sarah Branch were returning champions.

2008 Rock Skipping Contest Winners

John Webster, Sarah "She throws like a girl" Branch ( second time winner), Alex " Skip Masta" McKay (second time winner), Morgan "The Destroyer" Brann, Michael "Perch Island Skipper 2" Guertler, Arthur Webster

As usual, the winners each took home the contest’s highly coveted trophies (individually crafted by Arthur Webster from “gathered” materials), a pound of Rocky Road fudge, rock candy on a stick (which all contestants receive) and the fame of being part of a fun and worthwhile Boothbay Harbor event. They also have the satisfaction of knowing they helped to bring in funds that are all contributed to the Boothbay Region Food Pantry – the ultimate reason for the event. This year Orne’s Candy Store contributed $575 from the contest to this worthy cause.

The Orne’s Candy Store International Rock Skipping contest is becoming well-known – not only in the Boothbay Region, but elsewhere. We continue to hear from friends and others that someone they know heard about the competition in places far beyond the reach of the Boothbay Register and the Boothbay Region Cable TV station, (Channel 7 here in the region). It would be surprising if either of these news sources reached California or Arizona or wherever else the “friends and others” get their news. But who are we to quibble.

Check this website for information about our 2009 International Rock Skipping Contest.

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