2009 Rock Skipping Contest

6th Annual Rock Skipping Contest Happens on Early Morning Tide

Skippers interested in competing in the Sixth Annual Orne’s Candy Store International Rock Skipping Contest had to be up and out early on that second Saturday in July 2009. The first rock was skipped across the waters of the Inner Harbor in Boothbay Harbor at the “crack” of 9:30 a.m., and all we could blame it on were the tides.

But still, 65 skippers – along with their families and supporters – came to participate, to match their skills against others in their own category. Among them one person who’d been working toward the winning trophy for a couple of years succeeded, while another walked away with the trophy in his category for the second year in a row. Both were in the “under 13” categories.

The opening group to throw is always the Girls, and this year there was a close match between the previous winner – Morgan Brann (The Destroyer) – and Ali Houston (Rock Hopper). But, Ali threw an exceptional “skip” and came out on top with 10. She’s reported that she’d been practicing and was determined to win.

In the Boy’s category Michael Guertler (Magma Mike) won hands down with a total of 13 skips. Michael’s family posted his name as “winner of the Orne’s Candy Store Rock Skipping Contest” on a sign at the end of their driveway. That started a trend; the Houston family did the same.

In the Women’s category Donna Loonie (Rock Launcher) beat the other women in her group with 11 skips.

There were some good numbers in the Men’s race, which had a total of 30 participants. Roy Arsenault (Uncle Muscle) with 20 skips won out over Rich Harding (Rick Rocket) who also had 20 skips. Arsenault won because his next best throw was higher than Harding’s.

A good crowd participated by cheering on friends or family…or just because it was fun to be part of the bunch of people by the water. Winners took home the coveted “one-of-a-kind” trophy, a pound of Rocky Road Fudge and once again, the handsome certificates created and donated by Villard Studios in Boothbay Harbor. People were generous when making their donations, and the Rock Skipping Contest made over $400 for the Boothbay Region Food Pantry.

2009 Rock Skipping Contest Winners

From left to right: Arthur Webster, Michael Guertler, Roy Arsenault, Ali Houston, Donna Loonie and John Webster.

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