2010 Rock Skipping Contest

Orne’s Candy Store 7th International Rock Skipping Contest

Part of the celebration of Orne’s Candy Store’s 125th anniversary year – and the Webster Family’s 50th anniversary – was the annual Rock Skipping Contest .

Several hundred people attended what has become “the” place to be on the Saturday after the Fourth of July weekend – on the rocks next to the Footbridge in Boothbay Harbor. In addition to the people who signed up at the candy store, and on-line, many families came with children “of all ages” asking – “Where do we sign up?” After they “sign up,” they have to come up with a Rock Skipping Nickname, which follows them throughout the contest – written on a tape for the back of shirts.

In total, OCS had 70 skippers, from girls and boys 12 and under, to women and men. This year we had three winners who’d won before – two just last year.

Seven girls competed and the winner in that category was Allie Houston – “Rock Skipper” – with 9 skips. Allie’s now a “repeat,” because she won last year’s girls’ competition. Fifteen boys competed this year. The winner was Michael Guertler – “Magma Mike” – with the total of 22 skips. Mike is nine years old, and is now a “three-peat.” (Yes, this is a legitimate sports phrase.)

We had 18 women competing for the trophy this year. Coming out ahead was Melissa McLaughlin – “Skiptronic” – who won with 20 skips. In the men’s category there were 30 men competing. Alex MacKay – “Skip Masta” – took the trophy in this category with 28 skips. Alex broke his own record of 27, which was the record for the contest. This was his third win, but not a three-peat, because they were not consecutive.

As usual, all competitors received an Orne’s Candy Store Rock Candy on a stick. Winners received rock candy and a pound of Rocky Road Fudge, plus the one-of-a-kind trophy fashioned by Arthur Webster with materials from the “dump” and the shore. They also received a beautiful certificate donated to the competition by Philippe and Kim Villard of Villard Studios in Boothbay Harbor.

As always, the proceeds from the day went to the Boothbay Region Food Pantry – a total of $350. Plans are already under way for the 2011 Orne’s Candy Store International Rock Skipping Contest – to be held on Saturday, July 9th, starting at noon. Owners of Orne’s Candy Store – Arthur Webster, Faith Foster, Jean and John Webster – might have a “special surprise” for the day. The announcement would be made on the Rock Skipping page of this website.

2010 Winners

Front, from left: Michael Guertler and Allie Houston; Back from left: John Webster, Alex MacKay, Melissa McLaughlin and Arthur Webster

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